Customised T Shirt Print

3 simple steps

  1. Add any t-shirt to your cart + add this service to your cart
  2. Mail us your design and instructions in high resolution @ [email protected]
  3. Your tshirt is ready!!

Note :

  • Per t-shirt prices
  • These are custom tshirt printing charges only
  • Size of Print : 8*11 inches (A4)
  • Sublimation/Rubber print

T shirt printing for Various Purpose

We print custom t-shirts for various occasions, purposes and events as per the need of the hour.You might choose to get a custom t-shirt printed for any of the purposes mentioned below:

  • To flaunt your own style: Fashion blogger? College student? Social media influencer? Whatever might be your field, do it your own way with our custom t-shirts!
  • Custom family T-shirts: Customized t-shirts bring superlative confidence in family member when they go out together wearing inter connected t-shirts and manifest how strong their bond is
  • Couple T shirt Printing: Wearing couple customize t-shirts elucidate their  relationship status like you married, friends or dating each other. Its more unique and memorable to gift couple printed t-shirts to your loved ones rather than expensive diamond rings or jewelry.
  • School Tshirt Printing : Any event happening in school like sports day or annual function? Order custom printed t-shirts in bulk.
  • Sports T shirt Printing : Whether for your practice sessions outdoors or indoors, wear t-shirts that are personalized to your name, jersey no. And color choices.
  • GYM T-shirt Printing : T-shirts are really comfortable to wear to gym. Flaunt your style with custom t-shirts and color and make a difference. T-shirts by Candid T-shirts will be breathable and will allow you to function efficiently to sweat it out and build muscles ;).
  • Promotional events: Let your custom printed t-shirts do the talking of your business and build brand awareness
  • Best option as a gift: Gift a custom t-shirt to either your closed ones or to your customers/clients as a token of appreciation.
  • Corporate T shirt Printing: Let your custom printed t-shirts do the talking of your business and build brand awareness. Whatever be the event, whether outside office or in-office, custom t-shirts will surely boost your business prospects.

Custom made things always leave a mark on the other person and so do our custom made t-shirts. Do try once to give it a shot and you’ll love it for yourself!

Types of customized printed t-shirts

We offer a wide range of t-shirt types to spoil you, Choose what suits you the best!

  1. Crew neck: Most timeless and global neckline of all types for men, pair a crew neck t-shirt with your favourite denim jeans and you’re good to go.
  2. V-neck: Again a favourite of both genders and giving enough room to flaunt your neckline as well ;), v-neck is the usually the first choice when it comes to t-shirts
  3. Polo neck: Polo t-shirt is perfect when going out for a small gathering and is perfect for lean framed men. Again a classic neckline after v-neck.
  4. Henley/Y neck: It is the child creation of crew and V-necklines and is perfect for a summery day out. Buttons with this neckline brings magic altogether.
  5. Scoop neck: Last but not the last, a scoop neck t-shirt is a favorite of both the genders and again is a multi-purpose and multi-functional piece.

Custom t-shirt printing techniques at BUY PSY in Gurgaon

We employ some of the best custom t-shirt printing techniques for a long-lasting, high-quality print on our t-shirts. Some of these are:

  1. Screen printing: One of the most simplest and straightforward of all. A nylon mesh screen holds a pencil for dye to be absorbed by the cloth beneath. We use this technique for a number of our bulk orders.
  2. Direct to Garments (DTG): Very much similar to paper printer at your home or office but best for complex and multi-colored designs.With DTG professionals at our in-house locations, we employ professional and outstanding designs and prints.
  3. Dye sublimation: This method uses heat to transfer dye onto the cloth and is most preferred for polyester based fabrics.
  4. Heat process printing: Very similar to dye sublimation but with subtle differences. The process is done until the heat softens the dye on the paper and gets beneath the cloth.
  5. Vinyl cutting: Last but not the least, in this method a special soft clothing is cut into shapes or designs, which is then transferred to a shirt. These designs are then placed onto the t-shirt using heat-press method. It is most suitable for designing sportswear, slogans or even small graphics.

Our premium t-shirt printing techniques ensure that the color lasts, doesn’t fade away and is also not harmful, so will not irritate your skin as well. Our t-shirts will love your     skin and your skin too will love our t-shirts.

T shirt Printing for Kids

We not only cater to adults or teenagers, but kids as well.

Whether it is your kid’s birthday party or a school based event, our custom t-shirts will make your kid stand out of the crowd.

We have kids specific t-shirt printing in Gurgaon, catering to age groups from 5-15 YO.

We design and print for kids with fun and quirky prints on both subtle and bold colors.

Bulk T shirt Printing

Is your order of a 100, 500 or even 1000 custom t-shirts? Don’t worry!

We specialise in production and delivery of bulk orders as well, but without compromising on quality or style.

Whatever be the event or function, we’re there for you.

Place a bulk order of your custom t-shirts to be printed at best affordabel price and offering best in-market quality.

Best part with our t-shirt printing is the facility of  Same day delivery guaranteed for all your orders.

Only T shirt Printing services in gurgaon with Same day Delivery

Yes, you read that right! We deliver t-shirts within 24 hours after you place your order.

Just tell us the design, color of the t-shirt and type of neckline and you’re done!

Our SAME DAY DELIVERY in Gurgaon makes us stand out from the rest of t-shirt printing services in the market.  T-shirt buying has been made easy!

Most classic and comfortable custom t-shirt printing in Gurgaon

Being the most worn garment by both the genders, we believe that comfort and quality of a t-shirt is of utmost importance.

Our t-shirts are polyster (to give strength and be wrinkle-free) and cotton (to be lightweight and breathable) mixed to give you best of both worlds.

We also have 100% cotton t-shirts as well which will last you longer than you could even think of. Our cotton t-shirts are flowy and easy to carry. Also the color stays intact even after multiple washes.

We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to manufacturing and producing the best custom t-shirts in Gurgaon.

Trend Based T-shirt Designing

Custom printing doesn’t mean you have to compromise on latest styles, trends or even designs. We have a bank of latest designs and prints to choose from to print on your tshirt with even the option to get something of your own. Sounds cool? Go ahead and place your order NOW!

Whether Thor or Friends, “Winter is coming” or Bollywood movie buffs; be in trend.

We print trendy t-shirts for men, women and kids; both single piece and bulk pieces.

You can also get slogans, quotes and graphics printed on your tees.

T-shirt Printing over Wide range of Colors

We have a vast range of colored t-shirts to get print on. They range from red to yellow, green to brown and what not.

You name it and we have it. Our color range is such that the design on the forefront will pop like everything.

We also offer different sizes ranging from S to XXL for both men and women.